7 steps to a successful MDM business case


Reality is that companies often, just like with a number of other data initiatives, struggle to build an Master Data Management (MDM) business cases. Part of this struggle is simply related to not having the data to back up the added value of MDM. In fact, “90% of companies recently surveyed for the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management Solutions lack formal metrics to measure the financial value contributed by an MDM solution” (1).

Without these metrics, organizations often have to rely on vendor-led “proof of value” of “proof of concept” type of exercises. The goal of these exercises is to validate technology rather than demonstrations of how the right approach (technology is just part of that) addresses the requirements demanded by the business stakeholders in your organization. This approach is insufficient as it doesn’t look at the MDM approach as a whole and may limit the organization’s success in the long term.  

We’d like to address that gap in the enterprise software industry and shift how organizations buy enterprise infrastructure technology by providing clear-eyed, well-documented point-of-views on how technology can meet business requirements while creating financial value. 

Gartner’s 7 Steps to Build a Successful Business Case for MDM Programs 

Educating buyers on the value is a critical first step. In that context, we recommend to read the “7 Steps to Build a Successful Business Case for MDM Programs” Gartner’s MDM report, written by esteemed Gartner analysts and MDM experts. This report provides a seven-step process that data and analytics leaders can use to gain and maintain buy-in for MDM from key business stakeholders. It can help you put together a business case that demonstrates value with measurable key performance indicators (KPIs) and outlines a long-term roadmap for MDM as a key part of your analytics strategy. 
Informed and active stakeholder support significantly increases the likelihood of an MDM program succeeding. Download this report to learn more about how to gain support and reach your MDM program goals.

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