Training and education
for every role, stage
and learning style

Learn all relevant data governance & data management aspects and more through our learning offering that meets you right where you are. Through a variety of instructor-led trainings for standard and more advanced learning up to tailor-made training, you’ll build the skills and knowledge you need to get the most out of your data journey.

  • Instructor-led Training

    Get the data skills needed through hands-on and instructor-led training, available in private or public sessions. Public sessions are organized in one of our own training facilities. Private session can also be organized at your company.

  • Tailor-made Training

    We take into account your specific context and objectives following a unique and tailor-made learning approach, thus offering a training menu carefully adapted to your organizational needs. From virtual to in-person, onsite to offsite classes, selfpaced recordings to gamification... a complete offering to support the best level of multi-role data literacy & adoption.

  • Coaching

    Our coaching consulting service specializes in guiding organizations through the complexities of data management and data governance, ensuring robust data integrity and compliance with industry standards. We provide tailored strategies and hands-on support to optimize data processes, enhance decision-making, and secure valuable insights. Empower your team with expert knowledge and practical approach to maintain excellence in data handling and governance.