Explore the advantages that you will gain when your data isn’t siloed in and outside your organization. Give everyone access to the right data, in the right place, at the right time. All of this across different data domains and with the right relational links.



Your business has access to increasing huge volumes of data, which are fast becoming your most important asset. But you really can’t depend on it unless you are eliminating data silos, achieving governance and managing quality. Master Data Management can make your data a trusted source—clean, reliable, complete and up-to- date. With MDM you can confidently determine context and appropriately respond to affect positive business outcomes. 

A single view
of your data

Creating a single, authoritative view of business-critical data from disparate, duplicate and conflicting information lets you see, for instance, that Nick Cage and Nicolas Cage are the same person.

A 360-degree view
of relationships

Business rules let you identify the relationships among the data, so you can combine data showing Nick Cage  owns a Samsung smartphone with data showing he bought it at a MediaMarkt store.

A complete view
of all interactions

Integrating the transactions and social interactions that have occurred with that product, customer, channel partner, or other data element gives you a complete view of that customer.


Every day, people around the world use a Unilever product. Worldwide brands include Lipton, Knorr, Dove, Axe, Hellmann’s and Omo. To maximize revenue in an increasingly competitive eCommerce marketplace, Unilever needed to deliver an omni channel shopping experience to exceed our customers’ expectation around rich product data. Independent and incomplete data sets prevent their products from performing well in search, leave the company susceptible to regulatory fines for misleading consumer information, and impede speed to market.

An MDM solution is helping Unilever provide rich online content essential to driving customer preference and purchase decisions. The solution enables Unilever to automatically retrieve master data and R&D data from source systems and combine data sets in one place for easy access and consistency. Unilever and retailers now have a single version of truth for product data which is helping to enhance their consumers’ shopping experience.

PUMA is one of the world’s most visible and enduring sports brands. PUMA produces thousands of products each season and sells them in 120 countries through wholesale partners, e-commerce, and retail stores. With such a large and diverse global footprint, PUMA’s business growth was often driven at the local level, with regional managers and teams operating independently. As a result, product information was managed in many siloed systems. No central source of product information was available to feed e-commerce systems, leading to inconsistencies in how products were presented and sold to customers in different markets. When you’re designing products for the fastest athletes on the planet, time to market matters.

PUMA needed to provide a single, trusted view of product information for global e-commerce. Next to that it also needed to unify customer experiences across all regions, channels and touch-points. PUMA implemented an MDM PIM solution that helped increase sales by 10% in 9 months with greater agility and faster time to market. The solutions also supported up to 20% higher customer conversion rates and improved operational efficiency and reduced data management costs. They managed to  reach ROI targets in less than 2 years.

Saint-Gobain is a leading European that needed to increase revenues, customer satisfaction and loyalty through more consistent product information across all sales channels. They have data on 150,000 products and more than 2,000 suppliers derived from suppliers in a variety of different formats, such as spread sheets and pdf files. They were also faced with the extra complexity of having multiple descriptions and different, overlapping product codes for the same product.

They deployed an MDM - PIM solution to introduce a high quality, authoritative view of entire product portfolio and the relationships between them. This allowed them to reduced time needed to upload a product to the website from one week to the same day and mowered time needed to prepare customer quote by two-thirds, from one hour to 20 minutes.

PostNL transformed from a traditional Netherlands postal delivery service to a significant distributor of packages worldwide. To prepare for the future, PostNL needed to monetize the value of their data, shorten the supply chain and let the customer determine where (location), when (timing) and how (via which distribution channel) they want to buy.

PostNL built a Data Management Framework to meet the needs and challenges in their ever-growing, ever changing market. With an MDM solution PostNL was able to centralize the data in their organization in order to build a Data Management Framework that better serves their customers and suppliers while simultaneously increasing their revenue.

Post NL has increased customer satisfaction and revenue. They also shortened supply chain and inspired product innovation.


According to Harvard Business Review,
studies show that knowledge workers
waste up to 50% of time
hunting for data, identifying and correcting errors,
and seeking confirmatory sources
for data they do not trust.


MDM is not just about match and merge. Your success relies heavily on comprehensiveness of your MDM capabilities:

  • Ability to acquire the data quickly, whether it is on-premises, in the cloud or from third-party sources
  • Ability to understand the patterns and vitiations and suggest required corrections
  • Allow you to easily enrich master data from external data providers
  • Create a trusted view and securely deliver data for both analytical and operational use case


Gartner’s most recent MDM report, “7 Steps to Build a Successful Business Case for MDM Programs,” provides a seven-step process that data and analytics leaders can use to gain and maintain buy-in for MDM from key business stakeholders. It can help you put together a business case that demonstrates value with measurable key performance indicators (KPIs) and outlines a long-term roadmap for MDM as a key part of your analytics strategy. 

Discover what others in the biggest community in Master Data Management have learned. The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management Solutions is an essential resource if you’re looking for the right MDM solution for a successful MDM implementation.


Business problems are multidimensional. They require resolving more than a single type of business-critical data, like customer data. Most MDM systems on the market use an applications approach to MDM, which limits you to solving only one business problem—a flawed approach that results in multiple MDM silos. Unlike these systems, our MDM solutions employ a multidomain platform approach. It enables you to solve your most pressing business problem, deliver value quickly, and leverage your investment to manage other business problems across the company.

Platform Approach to MDM Delivers Maximum Business Value

By delivering comprehensive, unified, open, and economical MDM on a single platform, our MDM solutions convey unique capabilities and benefits:

Start small quickly and expand as needs grow

Start small and focused with an MDM implementation aimed at solving the most immediate business problem. Then leverage the same platform and effort to address additional business challenges. This flexible scalability is possible because our MDM solutions provide comprehensive support for all MDM requirements: data integration, data profiling, data quality, master data management and data services.

Solve any MDM-related business problem

Use our MDM solutions' flexibility to solve any MDM-related business problem in any industry. Our unified MDM architecture enables you to manage multiple types of business-critical data, including customer, product, partner, supplier, contract, account, employee, location and more on the same platform.

Leverage existing technology investments and skills

Maximize investments in business applications by enabling business users to access reliable data through their application or device of choice. IT users can leverage their existing technical skills while boosting business agility and speed. Our MDM solutions readily integrate with your existing IT infrastructure, and analytical and reporting systems.


Multi Domain Master Data Management

What Data Do You Need To Manage? Customer Data Product Data Supplier Data Asset Data Location Data Financial Data Employee Data Party Data ...

MDM 360

The Shortest Path to a Working MDM Solution

Our purpose-built MDM 360 Discovery delivers you the foundations for a rapid and reliable implementation of an MDM solution. Datalumen has implemented MDM solutions for numerous companies. For these companies, this discovery approach has proven critical to master their data. Based on years of project experience, we have developed a number of prebuilt domain approaches designed to immediately address common business and technical requirements. Our professional services team will help you leverage the discovery approach that is best suited for your business and is focused to support you with a swift and solid MDM solution implementation in your environment.


  • Maturity Assessment
  • Scan and assessment of existing master data
  • Advice on a tailor-made MDM strategy
  • High-level design of governance and organizational structures required as part of master data management

Typical Duration

  • 2 Weeks