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Datalumen offers end-to-end intelligent data governance solutions that brings together people, processes, and systems with a holistic, collaborative approach to deliver strategic business outcomes.

The goal of data governance is to ensure data delivers business value. After all, data is merely the means to an end—and that end is improved business performance. 

Datalumen is here to help you take your data governance to the next level.

Policy Application

Ensures your data stewards, business users, and IT team can govern data processes, policies, and standards across your organization—all in one platform. The result? Silos are eliminated.

Enables data stewards to define data governance policies, rules, and standards once and trust that they will be applied consistently across the enterprise, improving agility and effectiveness.

We practice what we preach. Our same thought leadership and best practices that drive customer success are directly tied to the capabilities and innovations delivered throughout our solutions.

Pssst! Let's face it... DATA is a STRATEGIC asset!

Of course! But if data is so strategic... Why is data GOVERNANCE such an afterthought?

Everyone is talking about it but unfortunately quite a lot of companies still approach it the old way...

What is the old way?


A siloed project approach focused only on compliance.

Don't companies spend all their time struggling to document & implement Data Governance?

Right... And in the end no one trusts their data.

What should you do?

It is time for a different approach that gives you data that is EASY to access, understand and use.


In a Rand Worldwide Data Governance Survey,
96 percent of respondents indicated that
data governance was extremely important
within their organization.

Data Governance

Many catalysts might set you on the path to data governance. In highly regulated industries like banking and healthcare, data-related compliance deadlines may be the driving force.

You may invest in data governance to support your business growth objectives, using data as an asset for competitive advantage, to improve up- and cross-selling, or to increase customer retention. Or perhaps you see data governance as a critical opportunity to support bottom-line objectives, reduce costs and improve business efficiencies, or optimize the complex process of ongoing mergers and acquisitions.

Regardless of your industry, data governance helps you optimize the business value from your data. Effective data governance addresses data quality and security requirements no matter where the data resides or is captured or consumed.

When we design and develop data management solutions, one of the first and most important steps is to catalog the data that will be captured, managed, analyzed, and shared. This TDWI report will examine the many components and functions of a modern enterprise data cataloging facility. 

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Metadata Management Solutions evaluated solutions from leading vendors to identify the ones best suited to meet the needs of data and analytics leaders. 

Download "Holistic Data Governance: A Framework for Competitive Advantage” today and get a blueprint for planning, evangelizing, and implementing a successful plan that’s more than just another project.

In this 28-criteria evaluation of data governance stewardship and discovery (DGSD) providers, we identified the 12 most significant ones — Alation, ALEX Solutions, BackOffice Associates, Cloudera, Collibra, DATUM, Global Data Excellence, Global IDs, IBM, Infogix, Informatica, and SAP — and researched, analyzed, and scored them. This report shows how each provider measures up and helps enterprise architecture (EA) professionals make the right choice.

Data Governance Assessment

Discover the Business Value behind Data Governance

The Data Governance Assessment is an opportunity to discover opportunities and helps the organization measure its health, growth and maturity in Data Management. You will obtain a high degree of visibility and transparency into your organization’s actual state of Data Governance. It will offer valuable insights, best practices and recommendations to make a convincing business case justification either for implementing a Data Governance program or making corrective and transformative changes to the current Data Governance program. No matter the prevailing governance climate within the organization, we can help management drive the discussions, decisions, and ultimately obtain alignment and executive champions for the Data Governance program. We link the pain points and opportunities to the key strategic business drivers and initiatives to help key stakeholders understand the business value proposition of a Data Governance program. We show how the proposed Data Governance program will accelerate the time to deploy solutions, reduce cost and risks related to data quality issues, increase compliance and confidence in data assets and reduce data complexity with reuse across the organization.

Working side by side with your team, Datalumen consultants will understand your current environment, strategic vision, challenges and data usage in order to develop an approach to transform your data into trusted assets, transform your people into effective collaborators and transform your processes into seamless flows. We have helped many organizations harness the potential of their data.


  • Assess readiness to support business goals and changes involving Information Management
  • Attain a common understanding and value proposition of Data Governance
  • Align Data Governance to strategic/key initiatives
  • Identify the optimal Data Governance framework and model to reduce costs, minimize risks and increase compliance and quality
  • Offer improvements leveraging Data Governance Best Practices to resolve data quality issues

Typical Duration

  • Depending on the scope 2+ weeks