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If you love data and want to help delivering great data solutions, Datalumen is the place to be for you.

  • You can join a diverse TEAM.

    You can join a diverse team. People at the beginning of their career but also team up with the most seasoned consultants. People focused on technology or the functional side of data projects. If you like to share but also learn from others, Datalumen is the place to be for you.

  • A clear focus on DATA solutions.

    We have a clear focus on delivering data solutions. Data is our core-business. If you are looking forward to deliver data governance, data quality, data virtualization, master data management or data protection solutions… Sharpen your teeth, we are the place to be for you.

  • We are THE DATA SOLUTION EXPERTS & our customers love us.

    We are proven data solution experts and because of that our clients, across the globe, love us. We service customers looking for our help with their strategic data agenda. This requires cutting edge technical expertise but also the ability to bridge IT & business. If you want help turn their data into value… No surprise, we are the place to be for you.

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