In every organization the data agenda is hot. Reality is one thing, actually doing something about it is a different story. Join us and attend our focused Data Governance workshop and get to learn a proven methodology from data industry expert Nicola Askham.

Nicola Askham, “The Data Governance Coach”, has more than 15 years of experience managing successful data governance implementations in a range of companies covering numerous verticals. She also has specialized focus on the soft skills essential to achieving a supported and sustainable data governance framework.


    Anyone in need for solid data governance.
    Business & IT
    involved with turning Data into Value.

    Typical roles:

    • CDO
    • CIO
    • Enterprise Architect & Data Architect
    • Data Steward
    • Data Professionals
    • Line of Business Managers


    Currently being planned.
    Please contact us if you are interested in an onsite course.


    • Data Governance & Strategy
      • Data Governance in general & the link with your org & data strategy
    • Data Governance Framework
      • A best practices Data Governance framework that you can use also in your organization.
    • Data Governance Implementation
      • Theory is one thing. Implementing it is something else. In this part we will zoom into different possible implementation tracks.
    • Essential soft skills
      • Data Governance always requires substantial change. You basically tilt your organization from an application / silo to a company-wide data process oriented approach. This means that people will need to share ownership, will need to govern data in a different way, … Dealing with all this change also requires specific soft skills.
    • Practical deep dive
      • Practical session on what/how everything can look like in reality.
    • Conclusion