Data Governance as the Foundation for Data Democratization. The data governance solution market has evolved from an emerging space to a mature one, with core capabilities including data catalogs, policy management, and privacy and compliance modules. The focus now is on elevating data governance to a strategic capability, enabling organizations to move to a federated model for trusted data. The market emphasis has shifted from regulatory compliance to realizing the full potential of data for business insights.


TOP3 Key considerations for data governance solution customers include:

  1. Stable Foundation for AI:
    Providers should offer a stable foundation for trusted data intelligence for AI. This involves implementing robust data lineage, versatile access controls, and comprehensive data quality checks. Privacy compliance and security policies are used to ensure data reliability, integrity, and quality for AI applications.
  2. Support for Stewardship Functions:
    Data stewards require solutions with intuitive workflows and advanced collaboration features. This includes seamless user experiences and modern collaboration tools to ensure accurate ownership and flexible cocreation. Robust stewardship capabilities directly impact efficiency, streamline governance processes, and reduce the time and effort needed for data stewardship tasks.
  3. Empower Data Democratization:
    Organizations should prioritize providers that enhance data literacy and enable self-service data access. Solutions with advanced glossary capabilities and granular personalization options support a wide range of personas in accessing, understanding, transforming, and personalizing data. Self-service capabilities with intuitive embedded controls expedite data access, reducing dependence on IT departments and eliminating the need for business users to possess specialized technical knowledge.


In summary, the current state of the data governance market is marked by a shift towards strategic capabilities, focusing on AI-driven decision-making, efficient stewardship functions, and empowering data democratization for enhanced business value creation.


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