• Fully understand your customers with a single view of them across all channels and touch points.

Customer Intimacy

Knowing who your customers are, what products or services they have or do not have, and how they are related to other customers across all lines of business is critical to becoming more customer centric. At the same time, customer expectations are changing, competitors are becoming fiercer, and employees need the right information at their fingertips to cross-sell new products and provide the best customer experience in today’s market via omni-channel marketing.

Traditional business silos, ongoing mergers and acquisitions and antiquated customer information systems continue to cause companies to struggle in connecting relationships with customers, employees, and business partners. Customers’ past investments in analytic applications and business intelligence software provided some information about customers, account relationships, and account status. However, such systems were not designed to monitor, manage, govern, and master the latest and most trusted information across all systems—from customer- facing channels, to CRM, to marketing, and to front-office trading systems across all lines of business. Only a customer-centric data management platform can do all this.

Build better customer profiles

What role does clean, consistent customer information play in your marketing, sales, and customer service initiatives? It plays a big role—huge, actually—whether you realize it or not. And if you don’t, chances are incomplete, inaccurate, and inconsistent customer data is hindering your ability to deliver great customer experiences.

If your goal is to engage customers across every point of contact—personalized marketing offers, relevant online and in-store interactions, or relationship-building customer service calls—knowing precisely who your customers are and their relationship with your business is key to attracting them, retaining them, and building their loyalty.

Our Customer Insights solutions fuels business and analytical applications with clean, consistent, and connected customer profiles so marketing, sales, and customer service teams can get back to doing what they do best—which isn’t pulling fragmented customer information into spreadsheets and reconciling it manually.


A 2014 Gartner-CMO Club survey found that
25% of respondents cite leading the customer experience
as the top increased expectation of CMOs.


Customer Success

Customer X lowered time needed to launch new products from two hours to two minutes.

Customer X lowered time needed to launch new products from two hours to two minutes.

Customer X lowered time needed to launch new products from two hours to two minutes.

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