Where do you want to start your Data Quality journey?

Regardless of whether your data is structured or unstructured or your data is on-premises or in the cloud, it needs to be trusted. Deliver business value by ensuring that all key initiatives and processes are fueled with relevant, timely and trustworthy data.

Organizations face immense pressure when it comes to regulations around the world, especially as new ones emerge such as GDPR. Businesses must select solutions that address their data quality issues holistically and on a consistent basis.

With our portfolio, you can increase business value by ensuring that all key initiatives and processes are fueled with relevant, timely, and trustworthy data.

Our Data Quality solutions enable you to make your data:


Which issues can we prevent?

  • Wasted resources. Data errors impact operations by incurring higher costs resulting in lost revenue (e.g., when a package is shipped to the wrong address)
  • Unreliable analytics. The business value you glean from your analytics is only as reliable as the data feeding your dashboards, which impacts operations, planning, projections and ultimately your bottom line
  • Damaged customer reputation. Your reputation with customers, prospects, partners, or suppliers can be damaged, sometimes irreversibly, if the wrong data reaches the wrong audience
  • Untrustworthy data. If you're looking to add data to your balance sheet or as a strategic differentiator, you need to be able to show its value as an asset—and to do that, it must be of the highest quality
  • Regulatory fines. Inaccurate regulatory reporting can result in fines from regulations such as CCAR, BCBS239 and GDPR

Data Quality

  • Deduplication, standardization, cleansing & enrichment
  • Global address, email & phone verification
  • Profiling software to measure the quality of the data and identify what needs to be cleansed
  • Dashboards & metrics to monitor and report
  • Data quality functionality across all possible data domains – customers, suppliers, products…

With poor data quality, data and analytics leaders struggle to show the business value of their data investments. But organizations must overcome poor data quality in order to become data-driven. In this analyst report, Gartner outlines the five-step approach for creating a business case for data quality improvement.

Read this Gartner report to learn more about the challenges of poor data quality and how to overcome those roadblocks to get the most out of your data investments.

This TDWI report provides seven key tasks to bolster the level of trust in information including clearly articulating the business value proposition, engaging business data consumers, standardizing best practices and automating their implementation.

The data quality tools market continues to innovate, fueled by desire for cost reductions, information governance and digital business. This Magic Quadrant evaluates 16 vendors to help you find the most suitable one for your organization's needs and deliver greater business value.

Data Quality

The online data quality quick check can help you evaluate the health of your current data quality program, including:

  • Your data quality team.
  • Your processes for data quality rules and exceptions.
  • Your data quality metrics and monitoring practices.

This online quick check asks 10 questions and provides responses based on your selection. You get immediate guidance and specific recommendations on what to do next.

Data Quality

The Data Quality Audit engagement enables you to begin to develop a baseline assessment of the current level of data quality in your enterprise environment.  Over the course of the engagement, you’ll learn to analyze and enhance the quality of your data as it pertains to your specific projects and goals, and collaborate on a concrete set of steps for further improvement. In addition to achieving these short term objectives, the Datalumen Consultant will assist in developing metrics to be utilized when developing an ongoing data quality strategy.  If you already utilize a data quality solution, the Datalumen consultant can assist in performing an audit of your current strategy through leveraging Datalumen’s methodology and best practices for data quality in an enterprise environment.


  • Environmental analysis - Discover the readiness of your data for diverse projects through initial scorecards, providing essential knowledge of how to improve the quality levels of your key data attributes.
  • Increase your project planning ability and sharpen your projections of the resources and time-frames required to complete a data quality project.
  • Develop a risk mitigation strategy by gaining visibility of hidden data quality issues.
  • Engage with business owners with early results, creating wider awareness and buy-in for your data quality strategy.

Typical Duration

  • 10 days