The reality you are facing every day is no secret:  diverse and distributed data, with questionable quality. As a result, your IT, and potentially the rest of your organization, is under tremendous pressure because self-service tends to be much more complex than expected.

So, how could you unlock the full potential of data, with reliable performance, in a governed way while keeping security in mind?

Data virtualization is likely your best answer.

Gartner predicts that by 2018, organizations with data virtualization capabilities will spend 40% less on building and managing data integration processes for connecting distributed data assets.

Don’t miss our webinar “How to Accelerate Self-service Analytics with Data Virtualization?”.

In 45 minutes you will learn:

  • How data virtualization differs from traditional data integration approaches
  • Best practices, do’s and don’ts and practical use cases:
    • Find the right data efficiently, even when we are not familiar with the data models.
    • Browse the catalog and discover both internal and external data.
    • Enrich the metadata with tags, annotations and comments to foster collaboration.
    • Understand relationships and associations in the data, even across sources.
    • Build and share customized views of the data.
    • Share the data responsibly with multiple BI tools.
    • Safeguard that you only deliver the safe data with fine-grained security capabilities, including authentication, authorization and encryption.


    Anyone in need for Fast Data
    Line of Business Manager, CDO, BI Manager, Enterprise & Data Architect


    11:00 – 11:45




    Data Virtualization, Agile BI, Logical Datawarehouse, Self-service BI & Analytics, Next Generation Data warehouse, Data Abstraction