Combining Data Streaming
with Data Virtualization
for Real-Time Analytics

When every millisecond counts... Environments for real‐time analytics analyze the data produced by events instantaneously, they make automated decisions, and they initiate an immediate reaction. Generally, the time between the event that produces the data and the reaction is merely a few milliseconds. In a traditional BI environment it can easily take minutes, hours, and even days, before the data representing a specific event is analyzed, a decision is made, and some action is taken. Therefore, integrating real‐time analytics with a classical BI environment is not straightforward.

This whitepaper describes data streaming and the relationship with business intelligence. It also explains how Data Virtualization can be used to develop BI systems that merge the traditional forms of analytics and reporting with real‐time analytics. In other words, allow reporting and analytics on data in rest and on data in motion.

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