5 Obstacles to Omnichannel Success

Learn why poor Product Information Management can keep you from being ready for the future of commerce 

The glorious promise of omnichannel commerce is everywhere. But if you’re like most retailers, the omnichannel vision is just as scary as it is exciting. Because your legacy systems, processes, and ways of thinking are keeping you from transforming into a true omnichannel operation. You know that things need to change, but you don’t know where to start.

Start by getting your product data right. We offer you an eBook to explain why poor product information management will keep you from becoming ready for the future of commerce.  Topics covered include: 

  • Customer experience: Why product information is at the heart of it
  • Data silos: How they inhibit intelligent problem solving and streamlined operations
  • Data quality: How it relates to shopping cart abandonments
  • Product information management (PIM): how the old-school way is hogging resources and slowing down time-to-market

It’s an omnichannel world. Read our eBook and learn why there’s no going back to the old way of handling product data.


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